About the Solution

The Agile Mindset Workshop is a perfect introduction to Agile concepts, principles, and process, you will cover lean, scrum and kanban, and gain an overveiw of why these ways of working have moved from software teams into business teams to streamline co-operation, encourage iteration, feedback and improvement.

Ideal for teams who are wanting an introduction to Agile to understand more about it, or Organisations wanting to ensure everyone understands how to apply the Agile Mindset and align with technology teams already using it. 

In this 2 hour workshop….

  • The team will get an understanding of what Agile is and is not, its history and why it’s effective
  • The team learns about the values and principles of Agile and relates these to their everyday roles
  • The team explores the most popular approaches that sit under the Agile umbrella such as Lean, Scrum and Kanban – using Agile principles
  • The team makes practical commitments to apply Agile to improve team and or project effectiveness
  • The team overcomes traditional or stuck mindset by connecting in with universal agile principles leading the worlds most successful teams and organisations
  • The team has new insights to improve poor project/team planning and process
  • The team embraces a customer services mentality to project/team design and execution

This is a wonderful workshop to encourage agile ways of working and reap the rewards of a leaner, more collaborative process in whatever outcomes your team is tasked with. These learnings are quick and easy to digest and form the perfect introduction to Agile methods of improving your team’s productivity..

About the Workshop Author

Erika Barden is the Head of Agile for Frank Innovation and Transformation Limited. Erika’s expertise ranges from bringing products to market in a lean start-up environment, to assisting multi-national mergers. Erika blends research and insights with practical experience as an Uber Scrum Master, authorised ICAgile trainer, and Agile Transformation Coach. 

With over 20 years experience as a project, programme and change manager, Erika has led successful transformations in NZ, the UK and Ireland. Her A+ thesis on ‘How leaders enable the successful delivery of Agile projects’ launched a partnership with the Institute of Management, where Erika runs Agile masterclasses and Agile leadership courses. It also sparked several speaking engagements, conference workshops, and magazine articles

Sarah Friis is the co-founder and lead designer of Workshops4Teams.com. Sarah has an MA (Hons) in psychology and has spent her career both in consulting and corporate roles in organisational and leadership development.

Sarah is a professionally qualified facilitator with over 6000 hours of facilitation experience and 20 years expertise in workshop design. Sarah is also a qualified Human Synergistics Coach, Strengths Profile Coach, Trained Teacher of Mindful Self-Compassion, accredited Emotional Intelligence Coach (EQ-i) and accredited Design Thinking facilitator.

Her passion for developing high-performance teams and cultures led her to co-author The Power of Team – a practical guidebook for breakthrough performance and a highly acclaimed resource manual for leaders wanting to create great teams.

Bringing together her expertise in facilitation, team leadership and group psychology ensures that each workshop is a well-crafted experience – making it easy for anyone to build great teams.