About the Solution


To use the power of the team to get to the heart of what’s not working and unleash creative ideas for improvement

Ideally used for:

Teams who may have got stuck or stagnated in ideas development. They may be performing well but have reached a plateau, or may not be performing well and need a reset.

Team Performance Objectives:

  • Understanding what’s working and what’s not
  • Being clear about the things that have the biggest impact and value for the team
  • Addressing the underlying core issues
  • Unleashing creative ideas 

About the Workshop Author

Sarah Friis is the co-founder and lead designer of OD.solutions  Sarah has an MA (Hons) in psychology and has spent her career both in consulting and corporate roles in organisational and leadership development.

Sarah is a professionally qualified facilitator with over 6000 hours of facilitation experience and 20 years expertise in workshop design. Sarah is also a qualified Human Synergistics Coach, Strengths Profile Coach, Trained Teacher of Mindful Self-Compassion, accredited Emotional Intelligence Coach (EQ-i) and accredited Design Thinking facilitator.

Her passion for developing high-performance teams and cultures led her to co-author The Power of Team – a practical guidebook for breakthrough performance and a highly acclaimed resource manual for leaders wanting to create great teams.

Bringing together her expertise in facilitation, team leadership and group psychology ensures that each workshop is a well-crafted experience – making it easy for anyone to build great teams.