About the Solution

The After Action Review inspired by the Navy Seals After Action Review (AAR) gives leaders a powerful process to guide teams in extracting insights to improve performance from a recently completed action, project, pitch, or deliverable.

This workshop supports the constant improvement, ownership, and learning that comes with review, and also provides a framework to get completion on a project, acknowledge the wins and work-ons and move onto the next action, ensuring learnings are integrated into the future output, creating a positive performance improvement loop.

Easily completed in 45-60 minutes and built so anyone can lead the process, all notes and resources included.

There has never been an easier way to bring a team together to get completion on a project, celebrate and get started on a new one, wiser, better, and smarter.

So take inspiration from the U.S Navy Seals and get your team on the path to constant improvement growth and success.

Feedback on this Workshop

Great session with the team today thanks, the process worked really well for our team of 8 and not only did everyone learn from the mistakes, but the acknowledment of our successes was the highlight, that was awesome –

Bevan Duncan – Country Manager – Healthcare.

The team really liked this workshop, a fast, easy way to wrap up our customer project, bank the learnings and everyone took away something to work on for the next one. We will definitely use this again.

Katrina Stokes – Project Lead – Finance.