A career defining leadership playbook designed

to unleash the performance of your team.


In this fast paced, customer centric business world, leaders need more than ever, the innovative, strategic thinking and high performance gains that great teams hold. Leadership is tasked with unleashing the power of teams and yet their capacity and capability to do this with ease has been elusive. This book will change that for you and provide you with a practical guidebook to breakthrough performance.

This book is for leaders who are:

  • Challenged to move from transactional to strategic team leadership, and want a clear path to success.
  • Bored with the status quo and want to inspire energy and greatness in their team
  • Stressed out trying to do it all themselves and desire their team to step up and be more accountable
  • Fed up with siloed thinking and desire collaborative productivity
  • Passionate about their team and it’s potential to move from good to great

"Wondering how great teams are created?  Frustrated by a poor performing team?  Well here is the answer.  This book is all you need, a really practical toolkit packed with easy to follow processes ensuring your team achieves greatness!" -Helen Roach, Director of Talent, Telecommunications.

An easy step by step guide with practical exercises, it comes with case studies and it was a game changer for me! I would also recommend doing their workshops alongside reading this book, it made it faster to embed this methodology. Everyone needs to read this book! - M Hawthorn, Senior Manager Recruitment.


Normally $20 on Amazon, or you can download it above for free.