We support strategic HR leaders to transform business culture - through teams.

Our toolset enables a business culture to quickly adapt to competitive threats, align to a new strategy, or develop a new company wide capability, with scale and at speed.

Our membership service provides you and your leaders with unlimited access to all our expert crafted workshops to solve business problems, lift engagement, build a high performing team culture, collaborate, innovate and ultimately drive improved business performance.

What makes our services unique is you do not need to hire facilitators to run our workshops, as they are designed so you or anyone from your business can facilitate them. Save yourself thousands and put yourself in the drivers seat to create the outcome and culture you want.

We mentor and support you to implement the toolkit, by co-designing a customised plan to suit your business priorities and Human Resource strategic plan.

Membership Benefits

  1. Membership gives you, and your entire business, unlimited access to all of our workshops.
  2. Use as is, or tailor to suit, your workshops are fully editable to align to your organization.
  3. Your first 90 day plan is custom designed to fit your business priorities.
  4. Every member enjoys a tailored on-boarding session, where the first 90 day plan is laid out in detail
  5. A one on one quarterly review of engagement data, to confirm, design and align on your next quarterly high performance plan.
  6. Your 3 month rolling plan is documented and customised
  7. Immediate access to all new releases over the 12-month membership period, and all updates to workshops.
  8. Invitation to monthly Organizational Design Group Mentoring sessions.
  9. Support and ongoing advice.
  10. Discounted access to Executive and Leadership Coaching.

Here are three ways our clients use membership to create a competitive business advantage.


Innovation and transformation toolkit.

Solve the unsolvable business problems, harnessing the creative wisdom of teams and engaging the hearts and minds all team members.



Identify a critical barrier to growth, a competitive threat or stratch vision - challenge every team to collaborate to solve the problem using for example, Growth Mindset - a worthy team challenge or collaborative problem solving. 

Learning and Development Toolkit.

Deliver core company wide capabilities through every team, delivered by their leaders in a fast, cost-effective and sustainable approach.


Identiy your core four critical competencies required to deliver your strategy and culture. Assign one learning workshop to every people leader per quarter to deliver to their teams to address each of these. For example assign  Agile Mindset, Emotionally Intelligent Teams and Courageous Conversations

Engagement and High-Performing Teams Toolkit.

Provide leaders and human resource business partners with the customisable workshops and playbooks to improve engagement and build high performing teams.


Identify the top three engagement drivers from your most recent survey and provide these workshops to all teams to deliver e.g. Team Purpose, Values in Action & Stakeholder Analysis

Companies we work with

All The Tools to Drive Buiness Performance - Through Teams.

Client Testimonials

"I haven't seen anything like this on the market to date. A full suite of robust OD tools, clear and simple, easily accessed and most importantly of all - the tools that drive team performance."
Favourite workshop - Goal Setting

Heather Kean
Director People and Culture | FMCG

"Our leaders need more than just sound knowledge and theory to lead great teams, they need practical application to solve specific needs - exactly what workshops4teams.com enables them"
Favourite Workshop is Learning Agility.

Heather Compton
Learning and Capability Manager | Healthcare

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All provided at no charge, so you can test drive our service.

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