Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What if my team don’t have the skills to deliver these workshops?

Answer: Every workshop has a step by step playbook to guide even the most novice team leader or team member through every step of the process. Explaining exactly what to say and what to do, giving tips and tricks for adjustments to team size and dynamics.

Question: How do I know which workshop to start with?

Answer: Every workshop is designed to solve a specific problem and every workshop has information to help you decide which one is right for you. You can explore this information on the solutions product page, its leader video or written in the brief. If you’re not sure, ask your team to complete the Team Effectiveness Audit, which we provide for free on our SUPPORT page

Question: What if I want a whole programme to develop a high performing and engaged team?

Answer: Buy our Annual All Access Subscription and we will work with you to design a 12-month programme that you and your team members can deliver to measure and track your progress to high performance. Keen to know more – check it out our Annual Subscription Page

Question: What if I want an expert facilitator to deliver these workshops for me and my team?

Answer: We have built these workshops with the experts, to ensure that you don’t need one. If you are not keen to deliver it yourself, ask a willing team member or another team leader in the business. You’ll save yourself huge amounts of money and develop an invaluable skill throughout your business.

Question: What if I want support to understand how to run a workshop?

Answer: We want you to be successful and we have a number of ways to support you to do so. You can email us at ; or catch up with us on Video Call and we can walk through the workshop with you.

Question: What if I want every team in the whole business to run a workshop?

Answer: When you purchase a solution this gives you the license to send this workshop to every team in the business. Imagine deciding, that you want every person in your business to build their capacity to operate with a growth mindset (a proven predictor of improved performance and success). You download that Solution to every team leader and ask them to deliver it to their teams. You set up a sharing platform to share success stories and integrate learnings through a range of people systems – awesome!

Question: What if I want to edit a workshop and change the language to suit our business needs

Answer: Fully editable workshops are available as a download option, you get a fully editable powerpoint template, with leader notes, that you can customise to suit.

If you have a question that is not covered here in the FAQ, just click on the messaging bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the site and ask us a question directly.

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